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Skipper Academy Lisbon

Sail training

"Hands On" 

Practical Cruising and Sailing Courses

Do you already have a license?


It's all about practicing your "hands on" skills onboard a sailing yacht. Focusing on your objective and goals, we will guide you trough the best options available. 

We have a wide option of courses available so that you can have a fast track to your objectives:  

- Private Classes

- Group Classes: 3 or 6 Sessions Courses , during the week or on the weekends

- Intensive Sail Training with overnight stay onboard ( 4 day)´

- International Certificates 




What are the goals?

It's all about Practicing to reach your goals

The most important it's to feel comfortable onboard and for that you need to have the confidence to take your friends and family onboard when chartering a boat abroad. 

With different options ofPreparation and training, always focusing on your needs.

Depending on your country of origin you can after choose how to apply for a Certification and Exam that attests your competences. 


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