It's not about a boat or a destination. It's all about starting your career on this industry. Focusing on the market needs for high standards aboard a Yacht we supply Crew for Portugal main charter companies.

Become a Skipper

Start the Journey of your Life

Everyone loves to walk around the Marina, admiring the boats and imagining how life could be onboard that specific Yacht. 


This is your chance to start a career in the yacht industry. If you always dreamed of working in this area but never had the chance, we give you the guidelines of the service in this industry. Always have in mind that  customers’ satisfaction it's the number one goal in nautical tourism. Satisfied customers don’t talk to their friends about the charter company they took a yacht at – they talk about their Skipper.


Is this for you?

This is your chance to try it for real

This course is where all the theory is put into practice. Under the careful guidance of an instructor you will build confidence and get a feel for the reality of practical navigation and skippering a yacht. 

Take control of real life situations onboard and always provide customers a good time. At the same time, remember your biggest responsibility –  your are in charge of a yacht and people lives.

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“There is nothing better then learning while having fun ” 

- Gabriel Frois -

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The Career

Passion and love for the Sea, Sailing and Seamanship

To become a good skipper it takes a great deal of self-confidence and passion. A good Skipper doesn't have to know all about navigation, maritime traffic rules, safety regulations, first aid and medical care, marine engineering and electronics and meteorology – he has to be a master of it all… and this is only the beginning. Sailing it's only roughly 10% of skipper’s job and abilities, the remaining it's about dealing with "people" and understanding and managing it onboard.


A good skipper is always friendly with his customers but has to maintain a certain distance from his guests onboard because it is not about the private trip but his job.





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